November 1-30, 2019: 30 Day Challenge

Day 4: Texture


Day 3: Black and White


Day 2: Rule of Thirds

Untitled photo

Day 1: Self-Portrait


Yep, we're doing a 30 day photo challenge. I'll spare you the "why we're doing it" soliloquy except to say that it's going to be fun and - as the name says - challenging. 

I noticed there are a lot of these 30 day challenges out there - fitness, books, music, gratitude, and yes, photography. There are also lots of kinds of photography challenges - pet, family, (and also books, music, gratitude). I agreed to do this one because it's technical in nature, and I like to get technical.

You know how this works. I'll post a picture every day for the next 30 days, and I'll provide some commentary. I hope you'll come back to see the images. And maybe even join us. The list is here, courtesy of

1. Self-Portrait

2. Rule of Thirds

3. Black and White

4. Texture

5. High Angle

6. Low Angle

7. Slhouette

8. Sunset

9. Bokeh

10. Lens Flare

11. Landscape

12. Portrait

13. Dynamic Tension

14. Light Painting

15. Colorful Water Drops

16. Balanced

17. Unbalanced

18. Frame within a Frame

19. Panorama

20. Depth

21. Water Splash

22. Slow Sync Flash

23. Panning

24. Harris Shutter

25. Shallow DoF

26. Light Graffiti

27. Street Photography

28. Architecture

29. Night

30. Hidden Camera Mirror Photo

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